Digital Terrain Model

The AutoPLAN Module DTM (Digital Terrain Model) is an independent and highly efficient software package to generate, visualize and analyse surface and deposit models.

The calculation base of a DTM are random distributed points, lines or polylines containing x-, y- and z-values whereby the z-value do not have to represent an altitude, but can also display information like groundwater level, thickness of the deposit or other individual data. The three-dimensional surface model is based on TINs (Triangulated-Irregular-Networks), which uses the geodetic points to form triangles but also take into account breakerlines.

The amount of data used to create a DTM is unlimited. Due to an efficient algorithm it is possible to handle a huge amount of points in short time.

The main functions of the software are:

  • Import of point-, line- and polyline data from structured ASCII-files
  • Automated height labelling of points, lines and polylines
  • Establishment of surface models by triangle meshing under consideration of breaker-lines
  • Cutting out surface sub-models
  • Combination of surface models
  • Analyse-function of surface models
  • Calculation of 3D surfaces
  • Volume calculation optionally up to a reference level or between two surfaces and for subareas
  • Calculation of isolines
  • Creation of random orientated 2D- and 3D-profiles
  • Automated generation of map legends

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