Mine Design

DTOOLS (Drawing Tool) is an independent and efficient software for fast and easy construction of three-dimensional string models.

Digitized point, line, or polyline data or data imported from surveys are the basis of the string models. Based on this data a three-dimensional planning of opencast mines, of dumps and landfill constructions or landscape structures is possible. For instance, head and foot slopes, ramps or dumpsites may be planned interactively within the drawing file.

Besides the comprehensive construction tools, the application has several commands for the conversion of 2D to 3D data.

Furthermore an automated sheet frame generation and partial representations of seamless map series are possible in different scales.

The following options are available among others:

  • Lowering of 2D-points, lines and polylines onto a 3D-surface network (calculation of 3D-data)
  • Conversion of 2D into 3D data
  • Construction of slopes on optional heights, or on 3D-surface (DTM) or with fixed offsets
  • Construction of ramp systems with variable slope angles, road widths and gradient
  • Offset and connection of 3D-polylines within the space
  • Creation of slope signatures according to the national standard
  • 2D and 3D colour fields generation
  • Creation of maps in different scales from the drawing database without a fixed sheet line system
  • Icon library

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