Real Estate Administration

The AutoPLAN modul AIS (Area Information System) is a multifunctional software for the administration of real estates, contracts and buildings. Furthermore the FIS application has specified adaptions for the requirements of the mining industry.

Core of FIS is a SQL database where all information e.g. contacts, real estates and building data or graphical data are saved. Additionally an access to previous phases is possible. The handling of the database, configuration and administration is totally web based with an interface to MS-Office applications, accountancy software e.g. SAP and ecoaccount data. A viewer integrated in a web browser provides a graphical visualization, although without AutoCAD software. Thus the user has access to all data at any kind of workplace including Tablets or Smartphones.

The FIS data acquisition and evaluation for real estate issues is very efficient. Deadlines or other company relevant appointments can be monitored and illustrated easily with an integrated calendar manager and graphical presentations e.g. of property maps can easily produced.

AIS comprises alphanumeric and graphical data and all other kinds of area information, which are important for the mining industry.

Beside others AIS provides the treatment of the following data:

  • Real estate register data with inventory, property, specifications and restrictions
  • Cadastral maps
  • Type of use and inventory data
  • Property valuation data
  • Contract data of property purchase, sale or exchange
  • Real estate related contract data e.g. leasing, charges, permissions, mining concessions, leasehold, service contracts and other appointments
  • Balance sheet data including comparison with data of the accounting department
  • Guarantees and land charge certification
  • Area data related to the real estate (e.g. forestry, ecoaccount)

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