Deposit Modelling & Borehole Database

The AutoPLAN module GEOMO (GEOlogical MOdel) is an automatic simulation, construction and calculation tool for geologists, mining engineers and chemists who operate in work fields such as mining, quality control and raw material handling.

The base of the module GEOMO is a SQL-database where all drill hole and other exploration data as well as analytical data are uploaded. The database handling and configuration is web-based (GEOMO-DB) and provides an interface to MS-Office applications.

Based on information from GEOMO-DB the AutoPLAN module GEOMO-CAD creates a stratigraphic layer bound block model (Model 1) for chemical calculations of sedimentary deposits like limestone, marlstone, clay, sand, gravel, coal or oil shale. Contrary to a common block model which is mainly used for ore deposits the stratigraphic GEOMO block model considers layer boundaries which have been formed unconformable during the sedimentation process. Thus the GEOMO block model simulates the real conditions of a sedimentary deposit, which is affected by biogenous-chemical and/or clastic processes.

The geological block model (Model 1) can be used to develop a derived block model (Model 2), which takes into account mining parameters such as bench elevations and inclinations or the max height of a bench face and thus calculates and illustrates the real raw material conditions during the mining operation.

Using the tool “Mining model” a separate calculation of different loading points inside the quarry can be realized to plan and control the daily production.

The software provides various opportunities of analysis- and illustration applications for the developed models. The stratigraphic block model, the geological layers, as well as the mining models and calculations are three-dimensional AutoCAD® objects inside the dwg-file and therefore can be handled easily. Beside these complex construction tools the GEOMO application provides a set of commands to construct, handle and calculate deposit or mining models.

Among others the following options are available:

  • Induvidually configured SQL-database
  • Import and export of borehole- and analysis data
  • Online data-control and error reporting
  • Reporting (alphanumeric und graphical data)
  • Configurable 2-and 3-dimensional graphical illustration of boreholes
  • Development and administration of layer-bound block models with different geological layers
  • Development and administration of derived block models with different mining levels
  • Illustration of cross-sections of block model and boreholes
  • Development and adminisrtation of mining models
  • Automated volume and quality calculation (concideration of cut off values)
  • Automated generation of map legends

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