Point Cloud

The software package PTC (Point Cloud) provides extensive tools for the handling of large and dense point cloud data which originates from photogrammetric analysis or laser scanning for the topography or plant construction.

Due to the use of UAV`s and photogrammetric analysis as well as laser scanning today the industry is able to receive detailed survey data. The surface of the quarry can be visualized via point cloud to get a real 3D expression of the situation. The handling of such huge data sets is often problematic and time consuming. The new AutoPLAN application PTC gives the user the opportunity to edit point clouds with an efficient and appropriate AutoCAD application which also supports parallel processing.

The following options are available among others:

  • Import/Export of Point Clouds file formats into AutoCAD
  • Parametric reduction of Point Clouds
  • Delete Points within/without a defined area or elevation
  • Automated generation of head/foot slopes
  • Point Filtering
  • Automated scaled elevation lettering