Licensing Procedure

For the preparation of a mining licence application it is necessary to evaluate possible conflicts in the fields regional planning, surface and ground water protection, nature conservancy etc. It is also important to consider the opinion and concerns of local residents, municipalities and other involved institutions.

The principle object is the early detection of the conflict potential, an adaption already during the first steps of planning and to realize the licensing procedure in a short time.

The technical design of mining, possible backfilling and landscape conservation is the base for the compilation of a licensing application. In complex cases the experiences and results of different specialists and partners must be integrated in an early stage of mine planning.

To provide an effective licensing procedures applications for the administration of documents and appointments are of advantage.

Following services are offered together with regional partners:

  • Environmental impact studies including scoping procedures (regional planning, planning permission)
  • FFH compatibility studies
  • Licence application documents according to applicable laws
  • Mining operation plan procedures according to mining code
  • Landscape management plans

The DOHMEN, HERZOG & Partner GmbH possesses together with their cooperation partners many years of experience in the mentioned areas with successful approval of several exceptional difficult licencing procedures.