Property, Contract and Building Management

The administration of properties and buildings in the mining industry, including all contracts of purchase, rent or lease, as well as their history, is a very complex field of activity.

Our staff register all data about properties, contracts and buildings in order to prepare them for visualization and administration. The data and history are centrally saved in an SQL database. Here documents and alphanumeric and graphic data are administrated. Data query, as well as in- and output, is carried out over websites. A viewer, which is integrated into the browser, enables the graphic visualization even without CAD-software. This allows the customer to access his data from any computer or smartphone.

Goals of the administration are for example: execute fast evaluations in regard of property-affairs, supervise business related appointments by an integrated event manager or graphic displays e.g fast realize proprietary maps.

The service range includes the alphanumeric and graphic acquisition and administration of all property information, which may be, important for mining all along the lifetime of the deposit.

The most important information to be registered:

  • Real estate register data with inventory, property, specifications and restrictions
  • Cadastral maps
  • Types of land usage and inventory data
  • Data for property valuation procedures
  • Contract data about property acquisition, -sale and –exchange
  • Other property related contract data in regard of lease, rent, agreements, mining rights, leasehold, service contracts and other agreements
  • Data relevant for the balance sheet and comparison to accounting systems
  • Guarantees and land charge certificates
  • Acreage data derived from properties (e.g forest facilities, ecological accounts)