Data Management and Information Systems

The data and information management concerning the mining and related industries includes the acquisition, administration and presentation of extensive and diverse information from the fields of deposit, authorization, property and contract management, operational management and organization as well as industrial installations along with the documentation of the company’s activities.

Besides data acquisition and data management the content of information has to be presented in different divisions, for instance in accounting, the company’s management, planning departments or approval authorities. Nowadays, the internet/intranet provides new possibilities of information exchange compared to the conventional method of printing and mapping.

The software AutoPLAN INFO provides an Internet based application for our customers, with the possibility to retrieve and present extensive information in form of graphic and alphanumeric data from a central server using a dynamic navigation tree.

Furthermore, we have comprehensive experience concerning the restructuring of data within major groups of companies or medium sized companies in the areas of CAD, geology, property and contract administration.