Deposit Modelling, Reserve calculation and Evaluation

The simulation and analysis of a deposit necessitates the compilation and documentation of prospection and exploration data in databases and graphical systems. Thereby core drillings and geophysical investigations (gravimetrical, seismic, electrical, magnetical), geochemical analyses as well as aerial photography and mapping are evaluated.

The result is a digital, three-dimensional deposit model including information about topography, boundaries of geological layers, tectonical structures (e.g. faults, thrust faults) and facies boundaries respectively quality boundaries (e.g. chemical composition) in the form of block models.

The DOHMEN, HERZOG & Partner GmbH offers substantial know-how and the operating experience to compile professional models of limestone, dolomite, gypsum and clay deposits, magmatic deposits as well as gravel, sand, coal and oil shale deposits. For the data interpretation specialists with scientific and practical knowledge in petrology, sedimentology and tectonics are available.

In addition to deposit modelling the services also include volume calculations (according to GAEB-VB 21.014 and others) to control earth movements of subsurface and open pits plus for the calculation of annual lease rates. Evaluations, expert opinions and reserve classifications in consideration of economical, operational and ecological factors are also provided.